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The Conference And Award

Social Justice Award and Conference is an annual epoch making event that is aimed at identifying vacuum in the Nigerian Social Justice System wherein Social Justice Crusaders and Good Governance Advocates are neither mentioned nor recognized in their efforts to ensure a better society.

As the world is undergoing rapid economic and social developments, which has resulted in more complex and sophisticated governance globally, one of the major challenges for Governments, Organisations, Companies, and Institutions is to meet the increasing expectations from a better informed and educated society for an open, fair and accountable public administration. This has resulted in an increased demand in the services of the Social Justice Crusaders and Good Governance Advocates, as agents for change, fairness and accountability in the society.

The Conference will bring together academia, technocrats, civil society, public servants, interest group, researchers and private organisations to interact and x-ray topical issues that borders on Social Justice and Good Governance.

This year (2022) Conference is themed Social Justice, the Bedrock for National Development with keynote lecture on Human Rights and Security. Focus Group Discussions will be held on the following sectors on these topical areas:

  1. Special Focus Group Discuss with Heads of Organisations, DG, MD, CEOs, etc (Policy Implementation; Challenges and Opportunity)
  2. Election (Independent Election monitoring and Observation at the Grassroots)
  3. Security and Law Enforcement (Citizens Rights and Enforcement)
  4. Taxation (Nigeria’s Current Taxation System: How realistic?)
  5. Judiciary and Correctional Services (Efficient service Delivery in the Judiciary and Correctional Services, Challenges and Opportunities)
  6. Social Justice and Internally Displaced Persons (Dehumanization of Internally Displaced Persons, the way forward)
  7. Education (Prioritizing education for National Development)
  8. Housing (Towards affordable Housing for all)
  9. Oil and Gas (Availability and affordability to the citizens)

The Conference and Awards will offer an exceptional platform to share experiences, recognize hard works and good initiatives, network, exhibition and build capacity to promote Justice, Equity, Fairness and Good Governance, as well as serve as a marketing platform for service delivery and business enhancement. This event is expected to bring together more than 500 participants from different sectors. The Award Dinner is a platform to celebrate and promote individuals and organizations who have done outstandingly well in this sector.

The Conference and Award will feature:

Keynote presentations and panel discussions on theme of the event.
Focus Group Discussions on sectors of the nation that need critical intervention. The forum is a platform for experience sharing for insight into how different public and private organizations execute their roles and impact the society while the public gives their feedback on its experience and expectations for the sector.
Gathering of Social Justice and Good Governance Crusaders and Advocates from both Public and Private Sector.
Award Dinner and Award presentations to recognize and promote individuals, MDAs, Organizations, Institutions, Companies and many more who deliver good services and encourage Social Justice and Good Governance in the society. This will be broadcast live nationwide on Africa Independent Television (AIT).
Exhibitions of Services, Businesses and Products
Fostering relationship and networking.
Capacity Enhancement for all participants.
Increase brand awareness and services of sponsors and collaborators.
Market place for ideas and innovation solutions.
Social Justice Award

To build Equitable, Fair and Just Society for Good Governance and National Development.


To promote equal rights and opportunities for all Nigerians irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religion and culture through social engagements, advocacy and also recognize outstanding individuals and organizations in different sectors of the society.

Aims & Objectives
To ensure equitable distribution of resources and opportunities for all Nigerians.
To promote and protect the fundamental human rights of every Nigerian irrespective of age, religion, ethnicity, culture and gender.
To curtail all forms of discrimination based on gender, age, religion, culture, disabilities and ethnicity.
To promote equal participation in issues of National interests for all Nigerians.
To encourage and promote good governance and quality service delivery in public and private organizations in Nigeria.
Speakers, Panelists and Moderators
Prof Chidi Odinkalu (former Chairman, Governing Council, National Human Rights Commission)
Prof Benjamin Zyla (Professor, Department of International Development, University of Ottawa, Canada)
Barr Bala Mohammed (Former Secretary to the Commission, Public Complaints Commission)
Barr. Mohammed Musa Sabaka ( Hon Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission, Kebbi State)
Hon. Chille Igbawua ( Former Hon. Chief Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission)
Prof. Adeyinka Adeniji (Associate Professor, Department of Political science, University of Abuja)
Dr. Uju Agomo (Specialist Security and Correctional services)
Dr. Peter Ozo – Eson (Economist and former General secretary, Nigeria Labor Congress)
Ordinary Ahmed Isa (Founder, Human Right Radio)
Amaechi Anakwe (Presenter, Democratic License, AIT)
How To Participate

Intending participants are expected to register via the website (www.socialjusticeaward.com).

Participation can also be in form of sponsorship, Collaborations, supports, exhibitions and many more.

Nomination And Voting for the Award:

The Nomination and Voting is open to individuals, Public and Private Sector Organisations and Institutions via the website (www.socialjusticeaward.com).  The Award Committee shall be responsible for evaluation and review of the process.

Award Eligibility Criteria For Nomination:

The criteria are as follows:

Only MDAs, Organizations, Institutions, Companies and individuals based in Nigeria are eligible for participation.
All nominations should be submitted through the website (www.socialjusticeaward.com).
Closing date for nomination is 31st September, 2022.
Voting commences on the 1st October, 2022 via the website (www.socialjusticeaward.com) and USSD platform.
Multiple nominations by different individuals is allowed
The nominees with the highest number of nominations shall qualify for voting.
Self-nominations and voting is allowed
Only one entry is allowed for MDAs, Organizations, Institutions, Companies and individuals in each category of Award.
The Award Committee decision shall be final.